Thursday, December 10, 2009


One year Mom and Sis went to Disney World around Thanksgiving time and brought us Hoovers back Christmas ornaments in the shape of Mickey's head, all in different colors with our names on them.

Last night as we were decorating the tree I opened the box that has the Disney ornaments in it. The first one was Sam's. I held it out to him and as he took it he said, "Mine's gold - because I'm the golden child!" I busted out laughing and Paul rolled his eyes.

Next was Kady's. Hers is purple. "Purple! Mine's purple because I'm royalty!" she said proudly. But of course - anyone who has insisted her name is Kady Princess from age three on would think of herself as royalty, wouldn't she?

I found the box that held Abby's and opened it. Abby said, "My ornament's red - what does red mean?"

Without missing a beat I put the hanger on it and held it out to her, replying, "Red? It means you're a hooker."

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Rae said...

Aren't kids wonderful? Good thing you are writing this all down. I've forgotten a lot over the years...

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