Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bouncy Painty

Currently I am at the Maccaroo Gym where my kids and their three friends are bouncing the heck out of their little selves. They bounced from 4:15 until 5 and it was then they all declared themselves entirely too weak from hunger to continue jumping. Nourishment has been doled out and now they are jumping probably to the point of puking. I fully expect someone to ralph. Or at the very least vurp. Yep. Parenting is so glamorous.

I have been missing the blog somethin' fierce, but Phase Three of Extreme Home Makeover: Redneck Edition has been going on since Monday night. (to refresh your memory - Phase One: pellet stove, Phase Two: new windows) Y'all...I hate to paint. I hate it even more now. BUT? My house looks great and I'm just glad it's over.

The house we live in was built in 1976, so it's as old as my darling little sister, Tater. She looks way better at 33 than my house did. As do most houses built in the 70's, our house was paneled. As in THERE IS PANELING ON THE WALLS. And we couldn't have just normal-colored paneling. Oh no, the home-builders were part vampire and liked it dark. The paneling was nearly black. Across the ceiling the beams are visible, giving the living room a lodge kind of feeling and eight years ago when we bought the house we were actually going for the lodge look. We decorated with fishing nets, creels, lanterns, pictures of fish and of course, like any good redneck family, we have a mounted deer head hanging proudly on the wall. (It's a 13-pointer, so that thing will be displayed until it literally disintegrates. Hopefully that will be soon.) But I have since outgrown the lodge look and THANKFULLY so has Paul. I talked him into painting it after a year of discussion and the moment he agreed I loaded him in the van to pick out colors.

We settled on Almond Cake for the living room and Cappuccino Spice for the entryway and hall. My sister's living room and hall are painted Cashew Crunch, Popcorn and Avacado. Something about us Bass girls - we like food on our walls. And I think I've passed on this desire to my children because yesterday as the paint was going on the walls of my hallway they were going to the kitchen and getting all sorts of food to see what color matched the paint best - bread crusts, pudding, peanut butter, wilted salad in the bottom of the bag, and melba toast. When it was wet peanut butter was a sure winner, but when it dried Hunt's Snack Pack chocolate pudding won.

Yes, my hallway is the color of chocolate pudding. I love it. It makes me happy. I think it will come in especially handy on those weeks I have PMS.

Paul asked me last night what the theme of the room was going to be now. I am happy without a theme, personally. We have a picture over the couch of a log cabin on the edge of a lake because deep down inside I am a recluse who would love to live in such a place - as long as it has WiFi. We have a floral couch. We have Paul's grandpa's gas lantern sitting on the mantle (WITH a dirt-dauber nest still in it) (because we are CLASSY). We have a 52" humongo TV, Wii, PS2, Super Nintendo, digital picture frame and the two laptops are perpetually sitting out in there as well. Basically, our living room is decorated in Middle Age Poverty with heavy Redneck tones and some Techno Nerd to accent.

No one can ever say we put on airs.

Seeing as how I'm 40 miles from home, I can't upload pictures of the new look, but of course, you know I will. There may even be one of me licking the walls in the hallway. I'm feeling a little PMS'y today.


Jill of All Trades said...

I'm sorry but just have to giggle. I never thought about the paint color stuff, but you are so right...LOL

Unknown said...

"Basically, our living room is decorated in Middle Age Poverty with heavy Redneck tones and some Techno Nerd to accent."

This has to be one of the funniest lines I have read in a blog all year!

Unknown said...

oh man remodeling....i so wish i could 'hire' someone to do all the manual labor...and I love the chocolate puddin but like you i dont like painting...

Jax said...

*sticks her head in and looks around* Hiya RND I stopped stalk you for a few....I agree with what Craig said...I snorted when I red that...good stuff hunni!

Kathy said...

You'll have to post pics for sure. We did a "makeover" a few years back. I thought the marriage might not make it thru that one. But we came out stronger...well at least we're both alive.
I've been looking around the house and think it's time to change some paint colors and hang a few new towels. You mentioned "redneck"...I have to match the colors in our 4 1/2 foot wooden, cigar store indian in my living room.
Keep up the posts. They crack me up!

Cazzie!!! said...

I hope today is followed by a better day for you..and you gave me an iea..painting a room a chocolate pudding cool! Colors do make a difference to mood :)

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