Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My First On-Air Interview

Yesterday afternoon I got a direct Tweet from Tyson at The WynnBlog asking if I was available to be on their WynnCast that evening.

Immediately my teeth started itching.

That's what happens when I get nervous - my teeth itch. I first discovered the itchy teeth syndrome when I began doing Competitive Speech my Junior year. Right before a round my teeth would itch so badly I would spend all my time preceding a round clenching them. I'm sure I looked like one of the angriest competitors in the place but nah, I was just trying to keep myself from going mad with the itchy incisors.

I had Bible study last night (We're doing a Beth Moore study on the book of Daniel - PHENOMENAL, btw!) but told Tyson I was available after 7:30 then spent the rest of the evening immersed in the story of Daniel's safe-keeping in the lion's den while clenching my itchy teeth. I rushed the kids to bed, straightened up the living room, browsed around on Facebook and around 9:30 my phone rang and the fun began!

Clear your schedule for about an hour or just listen while you work. In the cast we cover such topics as tea parties (they're not just for little girls - who knew?), VBS (remember when they served Kool-ade and Hydrox cookies every day?), tornadoes, anonymity (or lack thereof) on the Web, and of course, spoonbilling.

I text Tater as soon as the interview was done and told her that I was in desperate need of a laugh transplant because I was worried my laugh came across all cackly on the air. She immediately text back asking if I had not learned ANYTHING from watching SpongeBob. See, there was an episode involving laugh boxes and such....Aaaaaaanyway, I then retracted my wish for a new laugh and just decided to wait and see how I sounded. I was remarkably only moderately cackly so yay!

Click the link below, have a listen then make sure you comment - comment about the content or the cackle, your choice.

WynnCast #47 - in which I am NOT cackly

Many thanks to the Wynns for having me on the show. Any time, guys! And yes, you owe me dinner. :-)


Unknown said...

how so very exciting!

Brenda S Okie in Colorado said...

I enjoyed your interview. You did good! I spent a great deal of time in the "fraidy hole" when I was a child in Oklahoma. Now that I live northeast of Denver, I'm considering having one here as well.
I have enjoyed reading your blog as a lurker. I promise I will de-lurk more often.

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