Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Forget Princess Aspirations - I'm Cranky, the 8th Dwarf

We have been planning for a few weeks on going to visit some friends in Texas. The girls and I were going to hang out with Lori and her girls and I was gonna try to visit my favorite Tracy while Lori's boy and my boys went on a fishing trip. But tonight I'm sitting in my big chair with a big ol' heapin' helpin' of cranky in my lap.

Abby has been battling some nasty allergy-ness for a few weeks which settled into her sinuses and now her ears. On top of all that she has gotten a vicious nasty stomach bug and is about a step and a half away from dehydration.

Kady had an asthma attack bright and early Monday morning before school and continues to bark and wheeze still. She is also having a major eczema flare-up and is miserable with the itching and burning and such.

Sam did come from school Monday not long after school started because he puked twice but that right there was nothing more than stupidity. Apparently when one scarfs down a bunch of donuts and chases it with a gigantic Gatorade and then, because the morning exercises are "boring", decides to just spin around in a circle for 15 minutes one pukes. Lesson learned. Maybe. He is male, after all. We may repeat this one.


Lori said today that evidently the thought of going to Texas riled us Okies up somethin' fierce. I told her we should probably start looking into the theory that when Okie babies are born they are innoculated with an anti-Texas serum thus making them intolerant to All Things Texan. Of course, this can be remedied by being exposed to small doses of Texas over a period of time so Lori is planning on sending some bluebonnets and BBQ our way in preparation of a make-up trip.

In the meantime, we're just hangin' out. Just snifflin' and coughin' and occasionally pukin'.


Jill of All Trades said...


Cedric said...

I've found, the biggest pain about going into TX is having to remove all my turn signal bulbs so I'm not tempted to use them. I believe using a turn signal is a hanging offense in TX. Must be.

Unknown said...

YUM! Sounds like fun...

I think that Okie/Texas thing applies to parts of Alabama, too - sort of. I am a lifelong Auburn fan and an Auburn grad and you will never find me - voluntarily - in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. If I ever HAD to go, I'd start puking and itching, too!

I hope all of you feel better soon!

Stewed Hamm said...

Is it just me, or do you people puke an awful lot? It's got to be well above-average... assuming, of course, that someone is keeping statistics on this sort of thing.

Acutally, I'm certain that Washington is screwed up enough to include barf questions on the census.

Dawn said...

Ugh! I'm so sorry you didn't get to go see your friends. You've had your hands full!

I wanted to tell you I'm looking forward to meeting you at MNO! =) And, since it's happening in OK and not Texas your kids should cooperate! LOL!

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