Thursday, September 11, 2008


So wanna see what I did today? I mean, after I got dinner for tonight completed oh, by 11:30am? You do? Oh goodie!

Abby has a locker for the first time this year. She has pictures she would like to hang in it, so before school started we valiantly looked for some skull magnets to decorate her locker. Oh you can find skull shirts, hair clips, tights, socks, bracelets and even underwear, but no magnets.

So today I made some. My bathroom needs to be cleaned and there is some serious dust on the furniture, but instead I made magnets. I have my priorities totally in order.

Here's what you need:

1. Ancient hot glue gun. I think this thing was unearthed in some Dead Sea ruins.

Seriously, I've had it since high school.

Yeah. How many high schoolers do you know that have their own hot glue gun?

I used it to make my own "I'm a nerd" banners.

2. Sheet of self-adhesive magnet.

The self-adhesive part isn't all that necessary, but I don't think they make it any other way.

3. Scissors.

If you click this picture and blow it up real nice and big you'll see that one of my children has recently used my scissors to cut open their popsicle. They're also rusty from repeated rinsing of popsicle juice, a step they obviously forgot this time.

4. Sleeping cute baby.

This isn't absolutely integral to the project itself, but if you have a cute baby in the house (although I doubt you have one as cute as this one) it helps if that cute baby is sleeping -- simply because I don't recommend using the hot glue gun while holding cute babies. Or ugly babies. Heck, let's just say any babies and call it good.

5. An assortment of iron-on patches.

We got these all in a pack at Walmart* for under $6, I think.

Now, here's what you do:

First trace around the patch so you know what size magnet piece you need. Trim as needed.

And because it's a magnet, the little slivers will stick to your scissors and drive you batty.

Dude, I really need new scissors....

Next, hot glue the back of the patch.

I don't recommend holding the patch in your hand while doing this. Hot glue burns like a sonofagun. Sadly, I learned this from experience and even sadder, it took more than once.

Slap the cut-out magnet piece on the back of the patch, right on the dollop of hot glue. time I find myself with nothing to do on a rainy Thursday, instead of making magnets I think I'll do something about those scratches on my dining room table

The hot glue doesn't take long to cool, so as soon as they're cool enough that they're not sliding around, spreading molten glue all over your table, fingertips and every other surface in your home, it's a good idea to try them out to make sure they'll hold things up.

Papa would be so proud that his picture was held up momentarly by pink pirate skull magnets

Here's the motley crew, hanging proudly on my fridge that is covered in fingerprints.

But if I had cleaned the fingerprints off the fridge I wouldn't have time to hot glue little pink skulls to little pieces of magnet. Again, I have my priorities totally in order.


Sam said...

Chicken read this post with me and he calls them "the pink skulls of doom".

Anonymous said...

I love that you have a picture of Jeri Askins on your blog :) She was my sponsor at Girls State (I was in the legislature) and my granny and I saw her in a musical back in the day (in Duncan). They ran into her at Bob Funk's house the other day and Granny talked to her about that. Haha.

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