Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Many, many things

Abby rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (of course!) :-) =) :-p

(The above is what happens when I leave the laptop unattended to go tuck in her little brother and sister.) (Almost-twelve-year-olds are fun.) (Makes me re-think that later bedtime for her...)


I am so sorry that that last time I blogged it was about my hair that I don't shampoo.

That's not a real pleasant note to leave the innerweb hanging by for an entire week and a half.

But in the meantime, I got my hairs cut. I forgot to tell her to leave my bangs alone. Nothing good ever comes from letting someone else trim your bangs.

Oh and I bought some conditioner. My hair thanked me. It sent me a card and some flowers. Swear.


Did anyone notice the earth stopped spinning on Sunday? Yeah, my husband went with the kids and me to Silver Dollar City. He loathes Branson and all that is in it - or at least he used to. I only had to ask him one time if he would go and he immediately said yes. AND he was in a good mood the entire day. AND he wants a season pass of his very own for 2009. AND wants to plan a week-long vacation there. After I felt his forehead for a fever and didn't find one, I wondered if he was a pod person.

We had a blast, though. We listened to the soundtrack to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat most of the way there. Showtunes aren't my redneck's favorite (yes, really) music, but since country music makes my ears bleed, he tolerated the kids and me singing in Elvis voices and correctly reciting EVERY color in Joseph's coat - a talent that you should really admire - and then, bopping along happily to the medley remix at the end of the CD. Donnie Osmond was a really good Joseph, just for the record.

My favorite Texan, the Queen of Dirty Laundry, and I texted a good part of the way there, too. So much so that by the time we got to Branson I had very little battery left on the ol' RazrII. But I still had enough to live-Tweet from an indoor roller coaster. Because I'm dedicated like that.

(Speaking of Tweeting - if you haven't discovered Twitter yet, I am sorry. You really should.) (If you follow me I'll follow you and not in a totally creepy Fitty kind of way. Promise.) (Well, unless you're Kirk Cameron. Seeing him on the Today show yesterday totally revived the crush I had on him my entire teenhood. So Kirk, if you follow my Tweets I will SO stalk you. Don't be surprised.)


Two Sunday night ago the kids and I pulled in the driveway after a delightful lunch at my sister's to find Paul waiting at the door telling me to hurry up there was a new show on and he thought I'd like it. The show was Fringe and yes, I like it. It is bizarre and far-fetched and incredibly creepy, but I still like it.

I am worried that if I combine Fringe with LOST in my brain it will explode. Too much thinking.


Parent Teacher Conferences were last night.

For the first time in my parental life I came home and cried after meeting with my kids' teachers.

I will post about it all tomorrow (Yes, Mrs. Coach I really will) (Maybe) because it's too lengthy to get into tonight, but let's just say that I feel like an inadequate parent these days.


After weeks of hearing nothing, today I got a phone call from the production company we made a tape for awhile back. Honestly, we had all given up. Turns out, we are still in in the running!! We've been asked to make them another tape. We'll tackle that this weekend and after they edit once more it goes on to the network for a final decision.

This has the potential of being a very busy fall.


Kirk Cameron is beautiful.


Thank you to Lauren, a commenter who left this in my comments. That song makes me happy. So very, very happy.


David Blane is creepy. So creepy I have to leave the room when my husband insists on watching him on TV. Something about him makes me very uncomfortable.


Kathie Lee Gifford is not the way she used to be. I like Hoda Kotb, but I don't think she can reign in Kathie Lee like Regis could.


A panther screamed in our front yard the other night. For the first time in like, ever, I nearly wet the bed. I had just opened the bedroom windows when that sucker let loose with what sounded like a child screaming. I've heard them scream before where they sounded like a woman, but this was the first one that sounded like a child. The dogs barked and growled for quite awhile afterwards. We left the porch light on for them that night. Poor puppies.


I had been putting the dogs in their crate when the kids went down to catch the bus in the mornings to avoid any further pet vs. car drama. Gravy would go in easily enough, but Biscuit thought it was a delightfully hilarious game to make me chase him around the yard in my sock monkey slippers every morning. Finally the other morning I gave up and as they tore off down the driveway I put my hands on my hips and yelled, "Fine! Fine! Go! But if you get hit by a car again, don't come cryin' to me!" He literally looked over his shoulder as he ran. I think he grinned. Half an hour later I stepped out onto the front porch to let Nonner look at the trees, only to find both dogs curled up together, asleep in the carrier. I swear, they're like children. They nearly got grounded that day.


Sometimes, just every now and then, something very unexpected happens that aids tremendously in helping to restore my faith in people in general. I like when that happens.


Hour and a half long phone calls in the middle of the morning to a long-distance friend are tremendously wonderfully nice. Thanks, friend.


Anonymous said...



GERBEN said...

OH! I have Fringe saved on my Tivo. I have not taken the time to watch it yet, but I do hope it’s good.

I am excited for you and your family regarding the whole tape/show thing! Awesome!

Don’t feel bad. David Blane gives me that weird freaked out feeling too. Something is just “off” about that boy.

Stewed Hamm said...

You've got lots more friends than you realize, Diva. Especially the "Horizontal Rule" tag. She really, really wants to be your BFF Jill and come over to your blog and make S'Mores and braid your hair and stuff.
Seriously though. "< hr >" It's good stuff - give it a whirl.

Getting on-topic. Of course Abby rocks. She has skull bows for her hair - the rocking goes without saying.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I missed you!

I will admit that during your blog "hiatus" I searched your comments hoping that I could find some way to contact Mrs. Coach - just so she could tell you to "Update your blog!"

I also admit that I read all of your Disney World (my happy place) posts and boy, that was a good time! That whole DVC thing had me in tears (and the conversation that followed at Outback).

Keep up the good work!

Redneck Diva said...

Mrs. Coach, you're welcome. Let me also remind you once more that you need a hobby. Or rather, a hobby other than stalking my blog. However, obviously, you are doing a good thing because Blondie was looking for you so you could remind me to blog! You serve a purpose!

Real Kidd, I really do like Fringe, but like I said, it's pretty far-fetched and WAY out there most of the time. And by far, it's better than a David Blane special any ol' day!

Thanks for being excited for us! We're pretty anxious to find out if we make it all the way!

Stewie, my BFF Jill < hr > just braided my hair. It's pretty. She's going to help me post next time I get around to it - ie, next time Mrs. Coach reminds me to do it. As always, my friend, you are a fount of information.

Blondie, you can look all day long but you won't find Mrs. Coach! She's actually Fitty in disguise, although you'd never get her to admit it.

Thanks for missing me, though! I thought that by staying at home I'd have all the time in the world to post, but turns out, my house was really dirty! I might get it clean sometime before my eldest graduates high school. Maybe. Plus, watching Food Network and DIY all day long is very, very time-consuming LOL.

Disney World should be everyone's happy place.

Anonymous said...

If you like that song you would love the series. It's a TV show in the UK called The Mighty Boosh. They do other songs too, about pancakes and jazz and things. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Biscuit and Gravy are adorable dogs, btw.

Cazzie!!! said...

I am so sure I had a gorgeous picture of Kirk Cameron on my wall when I was 16 years old!! Old memories, ahhh!

Jill of All Trades said...

Way to

Stewed Hamm said...

Kirk Cameron... Geez.
Look, I really really want to go there, but I'm too nice of a guy to go all Mercellus Wallace on him.
I'll just say he's probably an OK person when he's not being a gigantic walking Stigmata, and leave it at that.

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