Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day Three of the Quarantine (Whereas Day Two was lost in a fog of fever and Nyquil)

Sam stayed home from school yesterday because he was coughing like a veteran smoker and felt like crap. He wasn't running a fever, but his cheeks were flushed like you wouldn't believe. Halfway through the day he wasn't acting sick and I was kind of miffed that I'd let him talk me into letting him stay home.

Of course, I couldn't be more than kind of miffed because it was about halfway through the day that I started running a fever and "kind of miffed" was all I could muster up, energy-wise.

Paul had gone to work at 3:30 yesterday morning, so when he got home around 1:00 I tearfully begged him to go to town for some cold medicine and a few staples because they were calling for an ice storm and blah, blah, blah. All I wanted was the Nyqil, the ice storm could go piss up a stick.

Sorry, I usually try to be less crass. Let's blame the fever, shall we?

Anyway, because of the wonderfulness that is Nyquil I slept pretty good last night until 4am when Sam woke me up telling me he was going to puke. I will never understand why my kids feel they have to alert me before they puke. Can't they just go take care of business, then come tell me? As a result, I now wake up with my hand automatically going to my face because I'm scared someone is going barf at me.

Paul is absolutely useless during the night and always has been. When the kids were babies I was stay-at-home mom and therefore, I was the one that got up with them during the night. But I'm a working mom, albeit a part-time working mom, but also I HAVE THE FRICKIN' FLU. One guess as to whether that mattered last night.

So when the threat of puking passed (mind you, I leaned in the doorway to the bathroom while Sam hovered over the toilet because I was borderline drunk from then Nyquil, and standing on my own was totally out of the question), I had to figure out where exactly to put my son because I hate for the kids to be in their rooms alone when they're sick. I usually put them on the couch and I sleep in the big chair, but Paul's on the couch because Kady and I have taken over our bed. Fortunately, I still had my daycare cots stacked in a corner, so I grabbed one and fixed him up next to my bed and the three of us sickies settled in for the few remaining hours of night.

Today has literally been lost in a fog of drugs and cartoons. Sam hasn't moved but a couple of times from the big chair where he's curled up with his sleeping bag in his Captain Jack Sparrow pajamas. He's gotten up to refill his Sprite and to eat a hot dog. Kady goes from one bean bag to the other or she's lying on me. She's restless and can't get comfortable. I also think she's a little bored. I've been on the couch all morning, dozing in and out. This is how sick I am, people - I haven't even made any sweet tea today. Yeah. That sick. But I do have a meaningful relationship with my new best friend, Nyquil. I may need an intervention, but if you truly love me you'll do it after I'm well.

We had more thunder ice this morning. This is the weirdest weather I've ever seen in my life. Ice is forecasted today and tomorrow then by Sunday it's supposed to be 60 again, then more snow on Monday. I still want to go sleep and wake up in June. My internet connection is iffy, keeps going in and out because ice is building up on the dish. Blows my mind how the dish to the internet is way more susceptible to ice than the dish for the TV. We lose internet long before we lose TV. Grrr. Oh well, I'll just take more Nyquil and forget about the lack of internet.


Lady Beekeeper said...

I just finished reading the Outlander Series (time traveling female surgeon in the revolutionary era) and it contains many graphic scenes describing the devastating effects of illness in the days before penicillin.

Sounds just like your house.

Kojak said...

Hey, I hope you feel better as well as your children. Don't feel like the lone ranger it's everywhere ! You will get better!

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