Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Putting that baby to bed

I just completed my final in my American Lit class.

Tomorrow night I will impair my vision attempting to type in the smallest font possible, one page front and back of notes for my Macro final. I'm not hopeful that a cheat-sheet is going to make the test any better - the test we took last Thursday was open-book and I don't feel like I did any better than on any other test.

Friday I will take the final in my Computers class. I'll make a C just like on every other one I've taken, but with the curve I'll get an A or at least a mid B. I still love that curve.
I am going to flunk Algebra. And I'm okay with that. The class is pass/fail. If you don't complete all 186 topics, you don't pass. I was 40-some behind the other night, managed to work hard enough to get it up to 30-some behind, then took a friggin' "assessment" (fancy schmancy word for test) and it knocked me back to nearly 60 behind! If you miss it on the assessment it adds it back into the topics. See, I mentioned that retention thing I don't have goin' on.....I totally wasn't lying. So, I'm going to fail because I have no intention of losing out on valuable sleep in order to bust my arse to get ahead only to get kicked to the curb when I take another assessment.
I should be kollij-free by the weekend.


Elizabeth said...

I'm writing a song. I call it 'school is sucky, but math is sucky-er' i expect it to be a nationwide best seller. yah, i'm knocking britney off her pedestal and i'm gonna be a pop princess cause this struggling student gig isn't all its cracked up to be

cedric said...

Algebra is just a tool designed by the Man, to keep us down, man!!! They need to keep us in check, so we can't see what's really going down! Stop the oppressive Algebra! I had 5 Algebra teachers in 5 years of school, they were just jack-booted harbingers of algabraic oppression, who didn't really know any more about it than we did!!! Open your eyes, Man!!!

CRB-H said...

Good Luck to you. I went back to school when my kiddo's were very young and a little at a time I finished, it only took me 13 years!

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