Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blogging From Work, the final edition

Okay, this will be the last installment from work because after today I'll no longer be employed by the college. I'm sad because I really like this job, but geez, if you're not a student they don't let you do work-study. They're sticklers like that.

We are still power-less at home. We've been out since 6:30am Monday, so today is the 4th day. There were some 16,000 customers out and as far as we can tell we are the only road still out in our neighborhood. It is horribly irritating to see the neighbor's lights blazing. It is still sucking and we're incredibly cranky. Paul threw a pretty good temper tantrum yesterday morning, but eh, he'll get over it. Today was my first day back to work at the other job, the government job, the job that just got their power back yesterday. It was hard to turn that generator off at home this morning, knowing that the refrigerator was going to be all dark and lonely for some 7 hours, but I'm sure she'll be okay. I hope. I hope my Miracle Whip makes it.

I guess I should've clarified that my last post wasn't posted due to magical internet powers in my head, but instead I posted it from my mom's office where Mom, the kids and I had gone to heat up TV dinners that were thawing in Mom's freezer. Mom and I bathed KD and Sam by flashlight in her gigantic tub. I find it utterly amazing how much heat two four-wick candles can generate in a bathroom and the kids thought it was truly cool to see steam rising off their little bodies while they bathed and splashed and well, I'm glad someone had a good time. Abby and I trekked back into Mom's last night to shower in her 45' house because she has a gas hot water heater. It was much less of an adventure last night than it had been with the two younger ones. Abby and I were much more down to business and just wanted to get the heck back to the truck where we could run a heater. Tonight is again bath night for the youngest two - I figure they're little and don't have hormones and can therefore go a night without a bath. Abby and I however don't enjoy smelling like ass and we shower daily no matter how cold Mom's house is.

Our backyard is still a very scary timber yard and the plan was to clear it this weekend, but they're forecasting 6 inches of SNOW starting tomorrow night.


I never ever thought I'd say this, but I'm ready for summer.


Shannon said...

Don't ya love it? We were out of power from early Sunday morning until Thursday around 3pm. We are finally back in our house. Mom had power on Sunday so of course me, Steve, Brady, Alyssa, Keith, and Kyla and my dog all go over there. Ya, and her power went out Sunday night! Hers came back on Wednesday about an hour after she bought the generator. We lived by candles, gas range and fireplace for 3days. I am just so glad she had a gas water heater!! But we couldn't use the blowers from the fireplace because at that time we didn't have the generator. Ahhh!
fun fun fun! Oh---and our DISH is out! The neighbors tree kinda fell on it. wonderful.

Anonymous said...

dude...Miracle Whip?

Stewed Hamm said...

It'll be summer soon enough. The school year is almost over, you know. (Actually, for you it is over - won't Hillbilly Mom be OH SO JEALOUS?)

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