Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chilly and powerless

We are without power and have been since 6:30 yesterday morning. It sucks. Big ones. The kids are out of school going on day 3 tomorrow. How did I ever stay home with other people's children? Mine are driving me utterly mad.

We have lost about 4 whole trees and countless other limbs and branches. I was hoping that the gigantic tree half that fell on the trampoline would demolish the mother, but oh no, as fate would have it, the trampoline is fine. Have I ever mentioned that I really hate that trampoline? Right around the time we lost power Monday morning, we also heard a gigantic crash (oh we'd heard them all night long as the ice broke tree after tree, but this one was mega big) as the aerial antenna (that we don't use) crashed onto the roof of the carport. It completely bend the metal pole over.

We borrowed a generator from Paul's brother and got it hooked up last night around 6. We are running the important things like the fireplace blowers, the refrigerator and the TV and Wii. We totally have our priorities in order.

Mom will probably lose her oak tree in her front yard which has caused more than a few tears because Papa said, "I think that's just about the prettiest tree I've ever seen in my life" on more than one occasion. It's sad to see it go. Part of it is laying across her carport, though, and the rest is scattered about her yard and driveway. Tater's only lost a few limbs off her front-yard tree.

We are inconvenienced, frustrated, but it could've been so much worse. We have been blessed in spite of it all.

Oh and the best part? NEO cancelled classes all week - finals week. Students will be graded on what they completed before school let out. I was scheduled to take my Algebra final today at 1, but instead am going to just go ahead and fail it due to an act of God. Oh and the fact that I'm a mathtard.

So just know we're alive and we're managing. The Wii is helping. We're just hoping the power comes back on before the forecasted massive snowstorm hits on Friday.


Going Like Sixty said...

Oh jeez, you guys are having a helluva year weatherwise aren't you!
At least you got the Wii!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I am OH SO SORRY your are powerless.

I feel your pain, Sistah! It was last year, Dec. 1, when our power went out for SIX DAYS! I hope yours is not out that long. The boys and I went to live with my mom, leaving HH to mind the Mansion against looters. He set up a kerosene heater, bought batteries for the radio, and seemed to enjoy his time without us. Go figure!

Make sure your young 'uns don't try to play the 'watch this' game and yank on the tree limbs. You know, like when it rains, and you can get someone all wet? My oldest boy tried that before I could stop him, and of course a huge branch came crashing down. He squealed like a schoolgirl as it narrowly missed him, and didn't try it again.

Oh, and my word verification was 'bficcuer'. I'm calling it Beefecuer. A Texan who only BBQs beef.

Melessa Gregg said...

Thanks for checking in, I've been wondering about you. Since we have power now (didn't yesterday) the oldest member of our family decided to freak us out by getting admitted to the ICU with hypothermia. (Apparently, she took her 97 year-old self outside last night to pull down limbs before they fell on her house.) It's always something, isn't it?

Stay warm and I'm glad the Wii is generator-powered.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about you as we got an e-mail this am saying out call centers in Tulsa lost power, I was hoping all is ok. Stay warm and enjoy the Wii.

Rachel said...

Yowza!! Hope y'all survive okay!
That's just scary stuff!!
Sorry about the tree, that's hard.
Glad y'all are okay!!

Rachel said...

Posted a yummy peppermint brownie recipe and thought of you :-) since you enjoyed my kitchen sink cookie recipe so much :-)

Anonymous said...

Hope you get electricity soon. Aren't you glad about finals? Our trampoline (a.k.a. the Babysitter) seems to have barely made it out alive. the swingset--yeah not so much.

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