Friday, September 01, 2006

It's already freakin' September. Um, is it just me or did August just not exist? I totally lost it somewhere.

This morning I sat down and wrote out my calendar for September. Oy vey!! One would think it was December by the looks of all the things I have planned! This weekend, of course, is Labor Day weekend, plus our garage sale. Next weekend is Disney World. I don't actually have anything for the following weekend as of yet, but I think that's the weekend that we usually take Papa to OKCity for his school reunion and I haven't heard yet if he needs us to chaperone him again. (Those octogenarians get pretty wild, ya know.) Then the following weekend is the

Okie Blogger Round-up!!!!!!

I am incredibly stoked, as you can tell by my gratuitously nauseating overuse of exclamation points. (Brian, dude. You, me and apple martinis, right? Or beer if you're worried about your manliness being questioned by drinking foo-foo, neon green, girlie drinks with me.) Ooh, much digression. Yeesh. Okay, so the weekend after OBR is Lynyrd Skynyrd and .38 Special. Then if you want to move on to my October calendar we have Abby's birthday which is going to involve a trip to Silver Dollar City to see Riders in the Sky since the kids didn't go when they were in Miami, PLUS that's the fall crafts festival there and that is totally worth dragging five kids around the park and listening to them whine that they're "bo-orrrrrrrrrrred". Then I think I have the next weekend free, but the next week is Fall Break and I'm also trying to have another Pure Romance party that weekend. THEN I think things settle down until Thanksgiving.

That wore me out just writing it.

On a happier, more jubilant note, while Mr. Diva and I were driving into Grove last night to grab a bite to eat, his cell phone rang. I knew it was Buffalo Run from the number, but answered it anyway. We both figured they were calling to see if he'd work. I handed him the phone after confirming that yep, it was the dreaded shift supervisor. I listened, already planning on dejectedly going back home on our date night, but then Mr. Diva said, "Hey, do you care if I start working day shift? Permanently?" After my screaming and squealing subsided, I heard his supervisor laughing. They had asked him last week if he'd go to graveyards for awhile, but he told them he really couldn't because of all the kids in the house during the day. No way could he sleep with all of this ruckus out here - four kids under the age of two are simply not quiet. Ever. Okay, well, naptime's pretty awesome.

I was really adjusting to my evenings alone, although I never really accomplished all of the amazing housecleaning and chores I had planned and really just mostly painted my nails and watched TV, but I know the kids have missed their daddy since school has started. A good thing is that I don't have to cook a big lunch anymore. That was a hard task to take on, what with trying to keep an eye on the babies while keeping the other eye on not burning the food. Last week while I was grating cheese for the enchiladas, Princess and Little Nicky emptied and shredded a brand new box of Puffs Plus with Lotion. It looked like it had snowed in my toyroom. On the downside of that, I will have to be more prepared when it comes to dinner since I work till 5:30 and again, the whole keeping an eye on the tissue-shredding babies comes into play. If y'all have any good crock pot or make-ahead meals you'd like to share, please send them on. My husband would appreciate it.

Yesterday, Cousin Stacey sent me a text message telling me that they were experiencing hurricane rain bands from ol' Ernresto. She's been texting me to keep me informed of the weather down there. I think she has secret dreams of being a meteorologist, but I could be wrong. Well, I decided to immediately text her right back. Heck, the kids were all asleep and I was just cleaning the kitchen and I didn't mind stopping that. I was going to write, "Screw TWC - I'll get my weather forecasts from you from now on." That was my plan. But I'm still adjusting to my Razr and the keypad on it so when I had written the word "screw" and was going to start on the abbreviation for The Weather Channel, I accidently scrolled past "t" and went on to "u". Then I hit send. Accidently.

I woke the kids up when I started screaming "No!! NONONONONONO!!!! Stop. Sending. That. Message!!!" After realizing it was too late and my favorite cousin was going to be receiving a message on her phone from her favorite cousin that said, "Screw u", I immediately dialed her number. Of course, she was driving in a hurricane and my timing sucks and she nearly wrecked, but she didn't seem to mind too much when I told her that I really hadn't intended on insulting her and her weather forecasts and that it really was my new Razr that, according to Stewed Hamm, didn't even come with the proper vowels.


GERBEN said...

I’ll pull out my cookbooks this weekend and see what I have as far as crock-pot and other easy to make meals.

LMAO! Screw U. ROFL! That is priceless!

Carmel said...

Hey! You're coming to Blogger Round-up? I hadn't planned to attend, coz I thought that might be well...too nerdy to admit in public I blog. Some of my friends already look at me as if Ihad two heads when I admit that. But I'll go now that I know you're coming! Very cool. I'll introduce you to "Perfect Margaritas" at Pearl's -- just the perfect amount of girlie and macho, so even guys like them. (You get them in a martini shaker with a martini glass. They are yummy.)

Congrats to you and Mr. Diva.

I'm not good at texting either.

MamaKBear said...

I'm gonna try to make it to the Round-up too! Would love to get away from my house for awhile and meet some awesome people I've been reading for a long time.

I know I don't comment that much, but I still read ya quite often! More than once you've made me laugh out this time, with the "Screw u" story, and the kiddos shredding the Puffs! :)

Cazzie!!! said...

OMG!! PMSL here at work whilst the patients are trying to sleep. You crack me up laydee!!!
I sent an SMS to a friend that said, "Did you make it there yet honey?"..yet..I pressed send and it went to my brother that took some explaining, LOL. :)

Shannon akaMonty said...

I'm planning to be there...and I SO WANT TO SEE YOU THERE TOO!! :)

Brian is so much fun, I hope he's there with his new gal. :)

And CONGRATS ON YOUR NOMINATION for the Okie Blog Award! You deserve it, girl!

Stewed Hamm said...

I told you that phone was trouble, girl. ^_^

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