Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ho ho ho

To the like, whole three of you who are still hanging around here just in case I decide to begin posting again, I love you guys. I know I've been a horrible blog owner lately and well, let's just say that if my blog was a puppy, the ASPCA would've already taken it into protective custody and put me on "the list" of people who can never again own a puppy, erm blog .... aw heck you know what I mean.


Is it normal to cry this much around the holidays? I bawl like a baby all the time. I boohoo'ed to beat the band when my kids sat on the REAL LIVE SANTA'S lap Saturday in Branson. No really. Ask Tater. I just literally stood there and bawled my head off. Then, as usual, I cried at the end of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I've spent most of today crying as well. My eyes are all swollen and scratchy and on top of the horrific hair day I'm having, well, I ain't a pretty sight.

Maybe I'm having a delayed hormone surge, because 4 years ago right now I was about two and a half hours post-partum after having Kady. I had some minor post-partum depression with her - definitely not as bad as some have to deal with, but still worse than with the other two. I think my hormones are just taking a long time to level out. Hmh.


It's December 20th and I haven't mailed my Christmas cards yet. By I've been through so much frickin' drama with the stupid things that they WILL be mailed even if I mail them on January 15th.

I bought some photo holder cards oh about 7 years ago and am just NOW getting around to using them. Yet my dialup was so slow the day I tried to send the picture to Wal*Mart.com that I ended up going to my mom's office at 1am to upload them there. Then when I picked them up in-store Abby and Sam were half cut off and thank the Lord that the lady in the photo lab just flipped them and they were fine.

So to those of you who are getting Christmas cards from me, 1) look for them sometime around Valentine's Day and 2) just know that there is about 2 hours of serious frustration and lots of cussing in that picture of the kids.


I need a vacation.


I found out last night that Keith Anderson AND George Wendt are going to be at Buffalo Run on New Year's Eve. I SO want to go! But I can't. Not only would I love to lick Keith Anderson's face (or any other body part he offered), but I am a bit of a George Wendt fan. Not like there's posters of ol' Norm hanging in my office or anything, but I do like me some George Wendt.

Our wedding anniversary is New Year's Day - I think tickets to the event would be appropriate, right? Lucky 13 merits tickets to see the guy you'd like to lick I'm pretty sure. I'll have to look that up in my little book that lists appropriate anniversary gifts like plutonium underwear for year 7 and contact lens solution for year 18.


Babies crying once more. Must rescue. Is it wrong to wear your new MP3 player around to drown out the sound of three teething babies? Cause if it is, I'll probably just do it anyway but be really discreet about it.


Carmel said...

Geez Diva:

I hate to suggest it, but the last time I cried that much when my child sat on Santa's lap, I was pregnant with Child No. 3.

Just kidding. Hey, at least you're Christmas shopping is done. Mine -- not so much.

Queen Of Cheese said...

Hope you get to lick someone on New Years Eve! I even hope it's the person you want to lick!!!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Don't make me call the Division of Blogger Services! They will force you to have supervised visits with your blog. And they will believe what everybody else says about you (unless it is positive) and you will have to prove that you are innocent of blog abuse.

I used to have a student who looked like George Wendt. Yeah, not so appealing in a 10th grader. The kids would shout, "NORM!" when he walked in. He didn't seem to mind.

Kim said...

Um, yeah. I'm not going to rag on you for not updating when I haven't either. I had to dust off cobwebs on mine!

I've been a little teary lately too. I've blamed mine on the holidays and new birth control. Gotta have a scape goat, right?

I just mailed my cards Tuesday, so don't fret too much. I think if people actually got mine on time or horrors EARLY they'd think aliens had abducted the real me.

Have a merry christmas.

Redneck Diva said...

Cissy-Mr. Diva would tell you to bite your tongue! I personally would be delighted if I were pregnant again. Alas, I just don't think that's the cause of my holiday tears. I think I'm just a big weenie, lol.

Jersey-Thanks for missing me! I'll be glad when I can find a balance between work, life, blogging and everything else in between!

Mrs.Coach-Ya know, somehow I think I will just avoid all licking on New Year's Eve. It's pretty much a cinch that I will not be anywhere near the proximity of Keith Anderson and frankly, there's just no one else I want to lick.

HillbillyMom-Agh, not DBS! Supervised visits with my blog! Oh the horror!

Looking like Norm in highschool . . . aw, bless his heart.

Kim-I wish I could blame my tears on new birth control! I haven't been on BC since Abby was a baby. 9 years later I just don't think I can use it as my scapegoat!

You have a Merry one, too!

Jennifer-I have no idea what kind of mp3 player I have - I looked at it, made sure it would play with Wal*Mart downloads and then let Mr. Diva wrap it. I'm sure I'll love it when I open it though! Then life will magically disappear, like that commercial where the chick is doing laundry to the blissful sounds of some classical music. I can hardly wait!

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