Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Not enough hours in the day

ARGHHHHHHHHHH Imagine if you will, me running frantically up to the screen of your computer going AGHHHHHHHHHH like the kid in Home Alone. When you imagine this, you will have a pretty accurate depiction of how I am feeling right now. I have less than 24 hours to get us all ready for the big Nat'l Lampoon's Biloxi Road-trip and I have to sleep at some point. Actually, sleep is going to take a huge priority for me tonight. If I don't get some good sleep tonight I will be useless tomorrow. I am taking 2 of my potent herbal sleeping pills and I'm heading off the dreamland. Then I'll be more equipped to handle the stress of the coming days. Laundry's going right now, dishes are pretty well caught up, everything is bought that we need to take with us. All I have to do (All, ha!) tomorrow is clean out and vacuum the van, finish the laundry then pack all 5 of us, finish cleaning the house, find time in there to shower, go to town and fill up the van, get the kids' vacation spending money changed from well, change into bills (they cleaned out the piggy banks, lemme tell ya) and I think that's it. Nothing like a good vacation to relax a person. I doubt I post tomorrow folks! In the meantime have a good weekend and I'll post tons of boring beach pictures on Monday!

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