Saturday, June 19, 2004

Has it really been this long since I last posted?

Goodness, it's been a mere 5 days since I last blogged and they've changed all the options on here! Now I can add a mood and a topic and well, goodness, but I feel uptown.

I took my little selfish vacation this last week and let me tell you something...I NEEDED IT! I was down to my last shred of sanity and patience and just really needed some good quality Kristin time. I left quite a bit later than I had intended, but still managed to miss any heavy traffic on the interstate and in Springfield itself. The motel wasn't exactly the Ritz, but I guess if you want the Ritz you book at the Ritz, eh? It looked a lot nicer in the lobby than it did in the actual room, lol. But it was pretty clean and I felt better after I jerked the comforter off the bed the minute I walked through the door. I've seen too many episodes of CSI and I KNOW what they find on those motel bedspreads! But with it stashed on the floor in the corner of the room, I was more comfortable. I spent the rest of my time alone watching TV, reading, shopping and enjoying the quiet. I called home more than I said I would, but oh well, can't quit being a mom just because you're out of town. I ate Chinese, something I don't eat with the family because, well, no one likes it but me. I shopped at my own pace, stopping in the stores I wanted to and stayed as long as I wanted. I tried on shoes for nearly 30 minutes with absolutely no intention of buying a single pair. Just because I could. I didn't have to threaten 3 children to sit still before something embarrassing happened like me smacking them in front of the entire store, I didn't all of the sudden realize that Kady was missing and had to hobble through the store with one foot bare and the other one wearing a size 10 red get my drift. I watched an entire episode of Reno911 and not once did I get up during a commercial break to switch out laundry, put the last remaining dinner dishes in the dishwasher or straighten up the living room. I had my butt planted on that bed, propped up like the freakin' Queen of Sheba with every pillow in the room and I was going to stay there.

I love my kids more than life itself, but every now and then every Mom needs some grownup time by herself. My sister is content with Bub taking the kids to his mom's for the day and leaving her there to clean, sleep, play XBox or scrapbook. She's content staying in her own domain and she's completely refreshed at the day's end. I, however, do not get that luxury. My husband isn't as well equipped to take the kids placed as Jon is. Just not his thing, I guess. So I do not get the whole day at home doing my own thing. What I have to do is just save up my frustration for 6 months at a time, until I start snapping people's heads off for little things, I cry at the drop of a hat and I can't accomplish anything because I'm exhausted. When I start seeing those things more often than I don't, I know it's time to start planning the Selfish Vacation once more. I do realize that I am fortunate to have a husband who allows me to do this, so I really can't complain that I don't get breaks as often as Sis does. Quality not quantity, right? Paul really doesn't understand my need to get away. To him it is undeniably foolish and what in the WORLD do I do while I'm alone for all the time?? Ohhhh, I enjoy it. He has a 20 minute drive to work and another one home at night - alone. When he takes a bathroom break during the day he does it - alone. He mows the lawn - alone. He tinkers around in the barn - alone. He takes 6 hour bike rides with his ultra cool, bald-headed Stone Cold look-alike friend - virtually alone.

I ended up my 3 days of bliss with a night at the opera. Okay, yeah, so it was the Tulsa Light Opera driving up to do a one-night stint at the Coleman, but it was opera, nonethless. My friend, Tiff, had asked me to go Tuesday when I went through the drive-thru on my way out of town. I mulled it over the entire time I was gone and just couldn't justify a night out after having been gone 3 days. When I got home there was a message from her asking again. I called her at work, told her I didn't think I could, but I'd ask anyway. She called me when she got home, reminding me to ask Paul, lol. When he came in, I greeted him with a kiss and a hug, let the kids maul him for a few minutes, then presented my case the best way I knew how. And he said yes!! My knees buckled and I shook my head with absolute incredulity. And immediately picked up the phone to tell Tiff I could go!! I got ready and got my butt out the door before anyone had a chance to change their mind or mine! Tiff, Jill and I had dinner at the Chinese restaurant (twice in 3 days, whoo hoo!) and enjoyed our time at the theatre. Intermission was a hoot, especially when Jill snorted, but that's a story for another time, lol. We also decided we need to culture ourselves more and we say we're going to go to Tulsa to the opera on a regular basis. Guys and Dolls is running next month, so I hope we actually stick to our guns.

So all in all I've had a banner week, folks. I hope you've had the same! We play softball tonight. Of course, I have't picked up a bat since our last game two weeks ago, so you can pretty well bet I'm going to strike out. Nothing new there. We play at 6 and 9, throwing a church social in at 7. Gonna be a busy evening, but after my week I think I'm equipped to handle it!

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