Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Vacation 2010 -- Days 4 and 5

Blogger was down night before last and then last night I was just ready to fall into bed and not think for awhile, so I'm a few days behind.

Sunday we girls took off for Lake Worth to do some shopping. The boys took off for Cabella's. They were gone a lot longer than us girls. And they make fun of us for shopping like maniacs. After we women-folk got back home we ate lunch and then Tracy and I just visited. The girls played on the computer and iPod, watched TV, Abby texted Chance and it was a nice relaxing day.

Well, relaxing until Abby and I decided to go to Walmart. See, I think our Garmin hates us. She is a British gal named Eleanor and she has obviously decided that we Okies are unintelligent hobknockers or something. I searched for "Walmart" and it found a supercenter 5.9 miles away. I hit GO .... and Abby and I ended up trekking across the Texas grasslands, hills and valleys to visit a Walmart in Nebraska. Okay, not really in Nebraska, but by the time we got there it felt like we'd been gone that long. Getting home was worse because I decided to show ol' Eleanor Biggsby of the Garmin a thing or two and not listen to her. Turns out there is a Walmart about 15 minutes from the house -- Abby and I were gone over two hours. Don't think I didn't get teased to all get out over that.

Yesterday Rick had to go to work and Tracy had a workshop to go to, so after giving us detailed instructions on how to get into Lake Worth they left us on our own. "Don't get off Boat Club Drive" they said many times. I listened intently and took their words to heart because another drive to Nebraska didn't sound like fun to me. My darling Texas friend, Lori, and her crew were driving in to meet us for lunch. She texted me the address of the place we were meeting, I programmed it into the Garmin and we set off. Paul decided to drive since I had taken that jog up to no man's land the day before. The Garmin told us to turn left and I said, "I think it's a bad idea....Rick said to stay on THIS ROAD." But Paul was worried he'd offend Eleanor and turned left. We toured a residential housing addition, got to see several empty industrial lots for sale or lease and when Eleanor said "Arriving at destination!" in her very excited tone we were disappointed to find she had led us to a strip mall. A call to Lori, some driving, turning around and gritted teeth put us in the Albertson's parking lot where my husband told me I could drive from here on out and that he adamantly hated Texas. I then caught sight of the sign to the restaurant and drove us across the street to it. There was a sense of sick satisfaction in that for me.

Lunch with Lori and her crew was wonderful. Just wonderful. Wish we could make Okies out of them.

After dinner last night we went to this amazing, wonderful store full of wonderment and amazing items called Sam Moon. I'm pretty sure it's where Oriental Trading Company meets Big Lots meets Fingerhut. I could've spent seven years in those three stores. Unfortunately, we spent 50 minutes there, then I came back here and penned this letter:

Dear Oklahoma,

Get a Sam Moon. Close to me. Now would be nice.

Redneck Diva
After that it was swimming and hot tub then ice cream.

Today is more swimming, probably more ice cream and very little else. Today is the day we do nothing. I like today.


Melessa Gregg said...

Note to self: Visit Sam Moon on next Texas trip.

Got it! Thanks!

Dawn said...

Glad to hear you are having a nice vacation.

I have a love/hate relationship with my GPS as well. I swear it hates me.

Enjoy the rest of your vacay!

Pamtastic said...

At Sam Moon did you see the "Wall of Hair"? They have wigs and wiglets and clip-in pieces of hair in every style color and texture...oooo my is it somethin'!

Redneck Diva said...

Melessa, your life will never be the same again. Oh and you should take me with you.

Dawn, I got all kinds of advice from people on Facebook, saying I needed to defrag, reset, clear out and all kinds of other things. I just came to the conclusion we need a TomTom. :-)

Pam, I saw the Wall of Hair, the Kiosks of Purses, the Plethora of Hairbows, the Stacks of Tiaras and many, many other things I am still dreaming of. That store is amazing.

ThatsBaloney said...

See? Texas isn't so bad. They have Sam Moon & Costco. They also sell wine in the grocery store and have real beer.
I think you should hate your GPS instead of Texas.

Carmel said...

Wait. Let me get this straight...you went out-of-town to go shopping and you went to Wal-Mart?

Stacie said...

Isn't Sam Moon the bomb? If you can understand the rude clerks that will never help you when you need it. I've decided if they don't want to help me, then they should not care when I climb up the wall of purses for the one on the top row that I want to look at more closely.

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