Saturday, June 05, 2010

Vacation 2010 -- Day 3

First off can I just say this? I have no idea how on earth my husband gets the idea in his head that when he is cold I am cold, too. The fact that I am lying on TOP of the covers, spread eagle, sweating and panting isn't enough of a giveaway that I am NOT cold? Yeesh. 1:30am, I was having a wonderful bout of hot flash/night sweat and he just cuddled right up like a cold-natured teddy bear. I just don't get how my sweating on him could possibly make him think he'd warm right up.

Okay, that's out of the way.

The morning started off incredibly late and by the time I dragged my weary hind end down the stairs Kady had already managed to get Tracy to fix her some pancakes and bacon and find SpongeBob on TV. She was a happy camper indeed. Around noon or so we all loaded up in Rick and Tracy's car (and I am so thankful we all fit because the drivers here are all certifiably insane) and headed to the stockyards. We ate some BBQ that was sinful, shopped in a candy store where my frugality flew out the window as I paid $1.39 for a Ring Pop for my child and I took the kids' picture in front of yet another abnormally oversized animal statue. Abby literally rolled her eyes and said, "MOM. I don't want EVERY MEMORY from this trip to be you taking our picture in front of a gigantic farm animal!" What? The humongous rooster yesterday and the cow dressed in western clothes were adorable. She's just close-minded.

And after we exited the stockyards proper we realized we had missed out on getting to sit on the longhorn for a picture (this time of a real animal) and instead decided to go check out the mechanical bull. Sam watched a kid about his age ride and decided against it, but Kady? My sparkle princess, diva-in-training? Yeah, she hopped her happy Oklahoma hiney on that big ol' mechanical bull and rode it a lonnnnnnnng time. I have video. I'll post it when we get home since I left the cord at home. Dur.

After that the temps had climbed to a whopping 106* and we decided it was crazy to stay outside without being submerged in water so back to Rick and Tracy's we went, donned our swim suits and spent a ridiculous amount of time in the pool. I did two hours, but the kids did three. Kady has whined all evening about the bottoms of her feet being sore because she wore the hide off those pruny things. Poor baby. Did y'all notice the temp I wrote in that first sentence, by the way? ONE HUNDRED SIX DEGREES. Texas is insane, y'all.

We hit the mall this evening and Kady and Sam blew yet another $20 apiece on another stinkin' Build-A-[insert critter here]. Sam built a panda. Kady built a flamingo. And named her flamingo Diva. After me. I'm honored. I think.

I have no idea the exact plans for tomorrow, but I'm sure there wil be swimming and Abby is hoping for more shopping. I would desperately like a nap some time. Of course, I would also like to sleep through the night without sweating or being accosted by my cold-natured husband. The likelihood of that happening are about as likely as that nap.

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MamaKBear said...

It wasn't just TX that was so freakin' hot! It got up to 102 in the Lawton/Ft. Sill area! Heat index easily at 110. SHEESH! Hard to believe we're breaking triple digit temps already!

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