Monday, April 19, 2010

Who's That?

Abby was reading Conner a book that rhymes. It has different characters from Cars throughout the book and each pages asks the question, "Who am I?" There's a fire truck on one page, a police car on another and so on. One of the pages features a checkered flag and the text reads, "You may find me on a pole..."

Abby read the question in a sing-song voice, "You may find me on a pole. I'm..." then she turned the page and in the same cute voice answered: "Miley Cyrus."


CGHill said...

The Artist Formerly Known As Hannah Montana is never gonna live that down, I suspect.

WV: "enaft." "Enaft, already!"

Dawn said...

Oh, my word! LOL!!

Courtney and I saw her in concert. She used a rope to grind on that night. Haha!

Lindy said...

I just happened onto your blog and wanted to say that this post made me laugh!

Cazzie!!! said...

LMAO, hahahhaa, I think I just woke everyone up with my laughing, hahahaha too cute!

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