Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?

Well, SpongeBob is the aquatic fruit-dweller, duh, but this post isn't about SpongeBob.

It's about Sea Monkeys. Yes, I said Sea Monkeys.

When I was a kid they were all the rage and for whatever reason Mom said no. She let us get those magic crystals you could grow in a fish bowl - which were cool and all - but they were no Sea Monkeys.

Last Thursday night Pops took my husband, my son, nephew and me to see Clash of the Titans and while we were at the show Mom took my daughters and niece to Walmart to let them get a treat.  My youngest child got Sea Monkeys. My mother bought my child Sea Monkeys! My mother is the quintessential grandparent, giving the grandchildren all the things she deemed too messy, expensive or labor-intensive when she herself was a parent. And ice cream whenever they want. Like before dinner.

Like I have time to raise a bunch of dang mutant brine shrimp. I have Facebook and Twitter and blogs to keep up with, people! There is no room on my plate for shrimp. Well, only if there's cocktail sauce....

But I allowed the Sea Monkeys to come home because really, Kady was as excited about her new critters as Ellie Mae Clampett would be about a new raccoon, so I thought I would take you on an adventure under the sea with us. Okay, an adventure in a 12-ounce plastic container.


First off, here is Kady looking.....well, I can't decide if it's manically happy or just plain creepy. And in serious need of a brush.

Here's the setup: a flimsy plastic container, an itty bitty scoop, three packets and a magnifying glass.
(Anyone think those packets look familiar? Like maybe if you've played the Sea Monkeys slot machine?)

And here is Hanna Montana overseeing the pouring of the water which needs to be purified because it's rural water and sometimes I think it needs to be purified for our consumption.
(Does anyone else pay attention to what's in the background of people's pictures? Like the gigantic GALLON O'PICKLES on my kitchen counter? And a two-can package of Febreze? And my outrageously large bag of Dunkin' Donuts coffee? You don't get that atmosphere with the Pioneer Woman's pics, do ya?)

Ooh, water purifier. How convenient. I was just mentioning the need for purifier. Wonder if I can get that in a 55 gallon drum?

And here's the water all sittin' in there a purifyin' and whatnot. Now we wait for Day Two.....

....drums fingers on keyboard....

Ooh look! Day Two!
And again we see our favorite wackadoo Kady super excited about the laying of eggs.
*bawk bawk*

The eggs. I'm just so glad they came in a packet like this and not in about 50 itty bitty styrofoam cartons.

Into the soup!
(Look! The Easter Bunny brought cookie mix! Because apparently he was too lazy to bake them himself. What else is laying around... an albuterol inhaler and Avon Magix! Have y'all ever tried that stuff? It is magic! Thus the name I guess. Oh look! A recipe for pea salad. I should really tidy up more before I do a Sea Monkey photo shoot.)

And here are our new pets in a sunny window awaiting the call from the Mother Ship so they can awake from suspended animation and take over the universe MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh sorry....my imagination got the best of me there for a minute.

And now we wait.

...To Be Continued...


MamaKBear said...

My Momma wouldn't let me have Sea Monkeys as a kid, either. I can remember asking if I could mail-order some from the back of a comic book.

Can't wait to see what happens next in the Sea Monkey Chronicles! :)

p.s. Yep, those little packets DO look familiar! I played the Sea Monkeys slot machine a few times. :)

Rae said...

You are one good mama! Can't wait to see the results!

Dawn said...

I never had sea monkeys. I'll watch and see what happens with yours and then MAYBE let me girls get some.

It's always amazing what our parents let our children get away with!

Jill of All Trades said...

Funny little things. My brother grew some many, many, MANY years ago.

momof3girls said...

You are a brave fun mom!

Stewed Hamm said...

Every child should have Sea Monkeys. I'm pretty sure God invented them so that parents would have teachable moments about false advertisement.
I had those magic growing crystal things, too. They were actually pretty cool... until they sort of melted a week later and turned the water all nasty.

Jennifer said...

We never were allowed to have Sea Monkeys either... and I was so hoping to live vicariously through your Kady.. *sigh*... maybe next time.

Tried a ChiaPet in college.. me and my roommate... had to throw it out after it molded.. we may have watered it a bit too much?

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