Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Adventurers ho!

We're headed off to the Yukon for a few days over Spring Break. No, not the Yukon in Canada, which is what one of Abby's friends asked. God love her. Going to go see my baby sis and the tots and do whatever it is ones does in Yukon. I think it's pretty much what we do up here except it involves much more traffic. Anyone got a few spare Xanax?

Please don't try to rob my house while I'm gone. The redneck is staying here. And so is the chewingest dog. Which means if the dog doesn't eat your shoes while you're attempting to break in he will eat the tires off your car so you can't leave which will then give that redneck man of mine time to shoot you. Just giving you fair warning.

If y'all are reading this from down south be on the lookout for the Diva van this week. It's a red Dodge Caravan with the license plate RDNKDVA. If you see us, honk and wave wildly, but don't expect us to pull over and visit if Mom is in the car. She will automatically think you are trying to murder us, rob us or steal all the strawberry Mentos in my purse.


Sam said...

I was reading this in Google Reader, half paying attention to my taped American Idol when your license plate registered in my brain. The first thing I thought was "OMG I have to tell Redneck Diva that someone stole her plate!" Then I realized I was reading your post. DUH. Have fun!

Megan said...

My parents live in Yukon! I do not...or I would have hunted you down...just so I could honk and wave wildly!




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