Monday, June 29, 2009

It's that time again!

Okay, so because I have managed to drag my 5 year blogaversary out for the entire month of June, I figure it's about time to host the giveaways. I'm going to get the ball rolling tonight, by cracky!

I have three different prizes. Three! But....before you get all excited and you start shouting from the mountain tops, please understand that I do not earn any money whatsoever in the summer so you are getting a poor woman's prize package, okay? I'm not a fancy mommyblogger who gets oodles of swag to give away to her readers. Okay, so I got two copies of Guitar Hero for Nintendo DS recently....but we are SO playing them so I can them.....yeah. And if I gave away the Guitar Heros I'd have to send a child with them. Wait....I could be onto something....

I kid. I kid. Maybe. (Email me. We'll talk.)

Okay, the first prize is a $10 My Sonic Card and well...that's it. But really? Who doesn't like Sonic? Free Sonic at that? I could live there! Heck, I tried to once but that little guy that hoses down the concrete in the morning sprayed me and told me to leave. This prize could also include something else, but don't like, bank on it. I've just been the mood to clean out closets lately and you may get a few rolls of that toilet paper we tried and didn't like or maybe a half-used tube of lip gloss. KIDDING. About the lip gloss.

I am also giving away two sets of bows from Just 'Dorable bows! (It helps to have an in with the Bow Lady.)

Set one includes your all-purpose white bow (with French clip, great for ponytails and fountains), plus an adorable green polka-dotted clip (great to slide in on the side to hold back those bangs she's determined to grow out or to slide in over a ponytail or fountain as well), plus a foo-foo cute pink and black polka-dotted bow WITH ladybug accessory!

See what I mean by accessory? You can wear the ladybug by herself, the bow by itself or stack them on top for ultra, extra foo-foo cuteness!

Set two in two slide-in clips that really are just perfect for holding back bangs or just to accentuate the side of your little darling's 'do, plus a super-cute bumble bee bow AND this giganto purple flower with rhinestone! Now, when I first saw the flowers I was a little skeptical, but Kady has a giant sunflower and a HUGE red flower that are oh so adorable riding atop her ponytail this summer. Kind of reminds me of the munchkins in The Wizard of Oz right after Dorothy lands...

So here's hoping y'all aren't now sitting there going "Well, I was going to enter, but I think I'll pass because uhm.....they suck," and here's hoping that you're going to enter and tell your friends and shout it from the mountain tops and post it on your Facebook and tweet it like your Twitter depends on it.

Da Rules:

1. You must leave a comment here to be entered.

2. You must leave a valid email address, either in your profile or, if you're all paranoid and stuff, spell it out like [everyone] does (it) in the comment. Or email me if you're REALLY paranoid and stuff.

3. In your comment you must tell me the best thing you've done this summer. Whether it's that you shaved your legs or climbed Mt. Everest, spill it! Let the innernets know! Or at least the part of the innernets that reads my blog... You must do this or I will toss your comment out with all that Sonic trash in my van.

4. Specify which prize(s) you would like to entered to win. You can enter one, two or three. If you only have hairy-legged boys in your house you might not need hairbows. And you might not live anywhere near a Sonic. You can enter all three from one comment - no need to multi-comment.

5. If you want an extra entry or two, link to this post via Twitter and @ me with it (@theredneckdiva) and/or post the link to your Facebook wall and let me know about it in the comments here. (Better yet, just add me as a friend on FB! Searching Redneck Diva should find me.) One per site. You have to let me know, too, because I lost my mad innernets psychic skillz long ago. Retweeting or re-posting does not increase your chances, but I will take shameless promotion if you want to give it.

6. This fabulous event of prize-giving will end on Friday, July 3rd at noon and I will draw the winners at that time. Winners will be posted here and I'll also throw an email your way, too. If you do not reply with a mailing address by Monday, July 6th I'll re-draw and you forfeit your amazing prize.

Good luck and thanks for hanging around here the last 5 years!


Melessa Gregg said...

I could be onto something new and awesome as recounted in tonight's blog entry, BUT just in case that's too gross for your Comment section; I loved making tye-dye shirts with my kids at summer camp.

As you know, we are overrun with girls here, so I would love me some hairbows.

Kim John said...

dude! i sooooo want to win awesome blogaversary prizes! like, all of them even!

this summer the coolest thing we have done thus far is going to the drive in, IN the convertible and watching UP! the look on my offsprings!

Rebecca said...

The BEST thing hasn't happened yet, in about 14 days I will be taking my daughter to the ocean for the very first time ( my first time too ). She did go on her first plane ride a few weeks ago, and she was great on the planes, so that would be the best thing that I have done.

I would LOVE a Sonic gift card, we live behind one, and half of my money goes to them.


Mommyfried said...

I'm slowly catching up to this crazy internet thing and one of the blogs that I have been reading is yours. As far as entries anything would be fun. I'm a stay at home mom and DH came home tonight and said that he is being furloughed. He says that translates to he will only get 32 hours a week until further notice. UGH! Any prize would be welcomed.

My favorite thing so far this summer was my daughter's B-day. I took 3 nine year old girls, 1 ten year old boy and 1 fifteen year old hormone crazy girl on a ghost tour of Fort Reno in El Reno, Oklahoma. Talk a bout a hoot. If you want I posted about it on my blog.

(I know shameless.) Really though it has been my favorite between the younger ones being scared and the teen flirting I was really beginning to wonder who needed more "adult" supervision.

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Our best thing this summer was the mini-vacation to Mississippi. We have big love for the Magnolia State. Mag wants to live there if her husband will let her.

And as to WHICH prize we'd like to win? Yes, please. Love Sonic, Love bows.

Oh, and? Love you.

Alicia said...

Ohhh... I have a girl and love MAKING her wear bows!!

My fav thing this summer was taking my 5 yo son to Disney World!!

MrsCoach said...

Enter me for the Sonic card because've seen Nat's hair in the summer. The coolest thing I've done....gone to work. JUST KIDDING!! I went on a cruise. WOOHOO!

Cap'n Neurotic said...

Far be it from me to pass up a chance at free Sonic swag . . . but you can keep your bows :)

The coolest thing I've done so far this summer was travel to Virginia to see my best friend graduate from the FBI academy

Idabel Oklahoma said...

We shaved,,but it wasn't our legs!
We would like the sonic card and if we win we want it to go to Yogi over at

GERBEN said...

Hey there Diva! Happy Blogaversary!

Just toss my name in the hat for all 3 drawing, please & thank you!

So what is the best most exciting thing I've done all summer? Well I'm not very exciting, but I did get a new tattoo! That was pretty cool!

Now if you don't mind, I'll go look you up on FB. :-)

Oh, and I think my email is on my profile, but just in case:

Alicia Montgomery said...

Dear Redneck Diva,
The best thing I've done this summer is spend time with my Nanny (my dad's mother), and also my mother.
I have managed to shave my legs, but most of the time I only shave them up to the knee because I am not the shorts-wearing kind of girl that I used to be.
I swore that I would hang some pictures, get my hair cut/highlighted, organize the extra bedroom, and various other things this summer but I am glad to say that I've spent most of my summer with my family and close friends. Therefore my hair looks bad and my walls are bare. Is this comment too long?
I would like to enter for any/all prizes you are giving!
My email is

Anonymous said...

I would like to enter all three please. :) Our trip to WDW wasn't really in the summer but it sure counts as the best thing we've done lately. Of course, this week will be good too because I love the 4th. New e-mail is

Mommy Needs a Xanax said...

So it's not a writing/blogging contest? You should start another one of those. Now I'm home a lot and would probably have time to participate.

The best thing I've done this summer, so far, is ride my motorcycle a record number of miles. Okay, so the record is like 100, but still. A record's a record. The coolest thing of the summer is yet to come, though. That's a trip to da beach. It's not 'til August. We poor folks hafta wait 'til the off season.

If I should win, I want the Sonic card. I could get, like, 10 diet cherry cokes or 5 strawberry cream slushes with that.

annmcwilliams at comcast dot net

Mommy Needs a Xanax said...

BTW I looked for you on FB w/ "Redneck Diva." No hits.

Okie Rednecks said...

Ok, so first off Now to the important stuff. I celebrated my second first anniversary!!! That was fun and I won't go into all the details since this could be considered rated "R" or worse and this blog is read by those who need to only read "G"! LOL! Honestly we had a great weekend, spent time with his family and cooked burgers and had yummy cheese dip and all that good stuff!

Okie Rednecks said...

I tweeted you and I would like to be entered for the Sonic gift card!!!

Trishia said...

My first blog comment! Whoo hoo!

Best thing this summer - totally spur of the moment trip to Springfield and we went to Fantastic Caverns (I have wanted to go since I was a little girl, which was, ahem, a FEW years ago!) We had a blast and my son totally wants to live in a cave now!

I will pass on the bows since I have a truly hairy legged boy and a tomboy, but I love me some Sonic!

Congrats on 5 years, KiKi! I can always say I knew you before you were famous and being stalked by Fitty, lol!

Robin said...

Well alrighty then....The best thing so far is go to Basketball camp at Stillwater with my very bestest friend.

I would like to vie for the Sonic card.

I've only been blogging for about 3 years and I think we do change over time, find our blog voice, and once we get a following and make some friends we spread our wings and take off. Happy Blogiversay!!!

Cazzie!!! said...

Unreal, is it that long you've been doing this? I think I'm only 3 years young :)
That ladybug is so cute!
Here it is Winter now..but last Summer we had an amazing time at the beach watching dolphins and digging in the sand and finding tiny weeny crabs.

Carrie said...

Happy Blogiversary!
Love, Love, Love the hairbows! With 4 girls we need lots. But Mama loves Sonic so enter me for both.

The best thing so far this summer is a weekend trip to St Louis visiting the zoo and the Arch.

Enjoy your blog and I would post the link on my Facebook page if I knew how to do it!!

Stewed Hamm said...

Best thing I did on my summer vacation, eh? Let's see... I got a full-on professional-type job. What's more, I'm announcing it right here in the comments of so that's gotta be worth something right there.
I'll also try and find you on the Twitterys, in a transparent effort to suck up to you.

As professional and debonair as I might look with a bumblebee bow in my hair, I don't think it will go with any of my suits... so I'd better throw my name in for the Sonic card. Besides, I know Hillbilly Mom loves her some Sonic, and I need a victory over her to make up for losing Big Blogger 2.

And happy blog-o-whatsits, too.

amieharrison said...

Happy Blogiversary!
I will be happy to win whatever! Love the bows tho...

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