Thursday, June 04, 2009

Because it's nearly summer, that's why

Why am I posting two posts within 24 hours then nothing for a week? Then a post here, a post there....then nothing for a week?

Because I can't keep my rear at home these days.

And I wish I could say I was out blazing new territories and having grand adventures and finding a cure for the common cold and running with scissors and such, but really it's pretty mundane.

Tuesday and Wednesday we here at Diva Ranch were hired by my parents to haul some shingles because they, too, are entirely too busy to breathe, much less haul their shingles to the incinerator. In the course of a little over 24 hours we loaded, hauled and unloaded over 2 tons of shingles. Considering I abhor all types of physical labor, imagine how much I enjoyed it. It wasn't really fun, but Mom agreed to write a check to the electric company in the amount of our last bill in exchange for the work. Hey, it moved their shingles and kept our power on. However, Paul said that if they ever need shingles hauled again we are out of the country. Forever.

I thought I'd share some pictures of my crew from when we went fishing last week. Wait, let me rephrase - from when we fed the fish last week. We successfully fed those ravenous little nasties two dozen worms before the mosquitos and gnats ran us home. Conspiracy theory? Oh yeah.

Paul headed down ahead of the kids and me and had five chairs set up with four rods - because uhm, I don't fish, ya know. And by the way, we are not the litterbugs that left that mess between Kady and Abby's chairs. That was there when we got there. It included a half-burnt dirty diaper and everybody knows diapers don't burn. Duh. Just ask a landfill.

They look bored. Heck, how could they not look that way? Fishing IS boring! Kady looks insanely happy, but that was just mere moments before some gigantic shark or possibly killer whale snatched her fishing pole and shot it straight into the lake like it was rocket-propelled.

Paul and Ab, just sitting there looking like Hoovers. They just have that Hoover look about them. God love 'em.

Sam's first lesson in How to Bait a Hook, or as Abby called it "How to Cruelly Kill a Poor Defenseless Worm," but hey, to-may-to, to-mah-to.

Kady holding onto her pole after her fearless daddy braved the menacing beast that stole her pole and won it back fearlessly. Fishing wasn't as much fun for her after that because she was a nervous wreck it would disappear again.

My little girl that is looking less and less like a little girl every day.... *sob*

And after my sister scolded me for not taking pictures of myself and reminding me that my children are only going to be this age once and when they're old they're going to wonder where their mother was during their formative years because she's certainly not in any pictures, I took a deep breath and posed for one of those cheesy, hold the camera out in front of us and smile dorkily pictures that everyone takes of themselves and their offspring or signifigant other.

So there ya go - proof I existed.

And proof I need to wear lipstick. Even while fishing.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the picture of you and Kady! Your kids are so lucky. They are going to have the best childhood memories!


AJ said...

What a fun day! I agree, fishing is boring so just my luck, two of my kids think it's the greatest thing ever. Sweet pic of you and your daughter.

lilredneck said...

My girls love fishing too and I uuh don't. What mothers have to endure..
my girls accidently killed a turtle the other day....then investigated it to a morbid extent,so ofcourse I had to blog about it. I'll link it into this comment

Anonymous said...

Fishing is my favourite thing ever, what fun!

Rae said...

Just stumbled across your blog and I love everything about it! The title, the background and the pure honesty. I'm coming back daily for a good helping of fun!

Stewed Hamm said...

What a wild coincidence - I wear black shirts with pink skulls on them when I go fishing too!

Word Verification: Gater - the thing that possibly stole Kady's fishing pole...

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