Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mah face iz all up in yer bookz bein a winner

That title is a direct result of the fact that I have just recently spent hours upon hours at I Can Haz Cheezburger laughing myself into coughing fits. I don't know why it's taken me this long to discover it and it's just sad that I'm so amused by it.

Another new obsession of mine is Facebook. Oh gosh. I resisted for YEARS because I already had a MySpace page and who needs another networking site, huh? Well, apparently I DO. I can't stop myself. When I am online I have my Gmail inbox open and my Facebook page open and I refresh them both frequently. Stop giggling at my pathetic life.

I have kinda quit MySpace. It just doesn't know it yet. I hate to be all 7th grade like that because it was a good site. Really, it's not MySpace, it's me. We've just outgrown each other. Maybe we can still be friends.

We sold my Astro van today, otherwise known in past times as the A$$hole Van. I was really sad to see her go. She wasn't all that pretty, she was shaped like a big green shoebox, her back door didn't open and she had a rather disconcerting thump at 2nd gear that used to scare unsuspecting passengers to pieces, but man, I loved that van.

Admittedly, the bun warmers in the new van are nice. My buns haven't shrunken from repeated heat exposure like I'd hoped they would, though.

LOST last night made my head hurt. That whole "let's do the time warp again" thing they had goin' on last night was crazy nuts. I kept hitting the pause button and exclaiming, "THREE YEARS FROM WHEN?" and "I AM SO CONFUSED."

Didja catch that in the last paragraph? That I kept pausing the TV? Yep - we got a DVR!!!! It was so overdue and we are so lovin' it. Because we upgraded, we got HBO and Starz free for three months and people, we have watched more movies in the last week than we did in all of 2008. The thing we've watched the most is horror movies - mainly zombie movies. I did not know how much I liked the simple intricacies of the zombie movie until I saw a few.

We had the "family friendly" programming before which included Boomerang and Nick but not Disney. That is something I never understood. Isn't Disney just about the most family friendly thing around? Regardless, now we have limitless supplies of Hannah Montana and well, she's no Drake & Josh, but she's a nice change of pace.

I keep forgetting to mention that our Park of Lights Christmas display won 2nd place this year! They award three cash awards based on votes by people who come through the park, then several smaller judges' choice awards. Last year we got 6th in the judges' choice awards, but this year the folks in the cars voted for us only slightly less than the 1st place winners. Huzzah!

We were beat by a casino, namely the casino at which my huband is employed, so that kinda stunk because it would've been cool to beat them, but we're already planning this Christmas's display, so look out Casino That Shall Not Be Named! We're gunnin' for you this year.

We got an actual check, but if you saw us in the paper you'd have noticed we were proudly holding up a GIANT check, just like the ones the Prize Patrol gives out to those ladies in the housecoats who scream in their front yards. The kids were so excited about that GIANT check they asked if we could hang it on the living room wall, right over the couch. I said no. Paul was more disappointed than the kids.

Last year the committee made my check out to Redneck Diva. They did again this year and the bank told me that next year they have to make it out to a real person.

And now because I've rambled on about really pretty much nothing because I'm feeling rather uninspired right now which is horribly bad timing considering

and should probably like, ya know, try to maintain my title and stuff. Voting is open right now and at the risk of sounding pathetic and whiny and pitiful, I'm going to ask all Oklahoma bloggers who are reading this to vote for me. Why? Well, because I think being able to use the term "threepeat" would be FREAKING AWESOME.

Seriously, I am up against some amazing humorists this year and even though it's trite and cliche' it really is an honor just to be nominated.

Check out my competition then go vote for me! No matter what Oppobrious says.


Going Like Sixty said...

I am so glad you have discovered the ultimate time suck - Cheezburger.

Now try (or something like that.)

Glad you got a van with turd curdlers. The do come in handy. When Paul is riding with you sometime next summer, turn his seat on.

Way to go on the display: how dare they say this isn't your real name? I can get you suitable ID if you need it.

We just got our time-shifter DVR too! Now in the evenings we can watch 6 hours of programming instead of four. And the pause - oh the pause is heaven. No more hurrying up your snack preparation because you only have two minutes.

I'm off to trade bourbon for beads and fiber with the NM indians - any family left there?

word verifier: distsme, what she did when I dissed her!

Unknown said...

Congrats on all that is congratable (my word creation)!

I have recently spent too much time on Facebook, too. Email me if you wanna be friends (no pressure)!

Hubby loves LOST. I love coming in in the middle of an episode and messing with his mind with my non-LOSTie comments. Yeah, he probably wants to throw something at me.

I hope to never live life without a DVR. Take my Facebook account but leave my DVR alone!

Cris said...

I am well near my life long goal of becoming an old fuddy duddy. Yes the cranky old fart that yells at sweet little kids for getting too close to his lawn, picks fights with teen age store clerks, and wants the world to treat him special just because he has lived on Earth longer than most.

Unfortunately I am only in my 40s. So while the normal cranky old man merely gets on people's nerves, a middle aged fuddy duddy is more likely to get his ass kicked.

eh... there is no point here. Which, by the way, is a perk to being an old fuddy-duddy.

Congrats on making the cut, leading the pack, and making us all laugh.

Shannon said...

Ok Kristin this is going to sound really weird but once you get used to that DVR pausing your shows--------- things in everyday life that happen and that you didn't quite get because it went by too fast you will want to rewind and you CAN'T!! LOL Did that even make sense?? Things will happen and I will think, Oh, well I will just rewind it, but NOOOOO!! Ok, I think I am just weird! :)
See if it happens to you tho. haha

Robin said...

Congrats!!On the park...the nominations.

Well deserved for all the hard work put forth.

Unknown said...

wow what a great post!!! loving the part about the van...

Congrats on the Light win-so they made the check out to red neck diva toooo funny

I hope you win the humor cat so you can say threepeat!!!! I'm just not worthy ;-)

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