Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What a mess

I still have a baby monitor in Kady's room even though she is five and no longer a baby, but instead Queen of the Universe. For nearly a week the monitor was unplugged because for some strange reason Kady decided to play her GameBoy while it was plugged in next to my bed. (Don't ask me why - she's the Queen of the Universe and it's not wise to question her.) But Sunday night before I went to bed I, ultimately beckoned to do so by God himself obviously, plugged the monitor back in.

I was awakened at 11:45 by The Sound. Man....asthma SUCKS. The weather went from cold to warm and weather changes do it every time. Grr.

She missed school Monday and by missing school, also missed school pictures. Poor thing. She was crushed. She so loves to pose for pictures. When there is a camera pointed at her she automatically cocks her head just a bit, drops her chin, bats her eyelashes in preparation and poses. She's done it since she was a baby. Probably something to do with her royal lineage or something like that.

So Monday was spent blowing albuterol into her face every 3 hours and listening to her bark and wheeze and ask to go to the hospital. Thankfully we managed to keep her out of there this time, but when she asks to go I know she's scared. She doesn't really like going.


Last week I decided to tackle my non-working CD burner once again now that I have a warranty, which I actually had all along I just didn't know it, but that's a long story. Anyway, when I first spoke to the rep from Dell and she asked me to burn a song to a CD and it worked I thought that through the powers that reside in my overly cluttered office (Betcha didn't know that clutter had powers. Trust me on this one.) the drive had healed itself.

But what happened was...she only asked me to burn one song. One song, one document will burn fine. It's when you try to burn more than one anything that the thing goes berzerkers. So last night I decided that I'd do an online chat with a Dell rep, thinking that it might be easier to not have to try to understand the accent to handle things that way, but instead I spent 3 1/2 hours in a chat room. And not a fun chatroom with my homies but a chatroom with first Jateeri, then Chetan and finally Iti who were only there to address my computer needs. We changed burn speeds, checked hardware, checked software, deleted and reinstalled drivers and my family didn't get dinner until 7 and I didn't get my computer fixed.

Instead I now have to reinstall my operating system. How much fun is this going to be? Methinks not much at all. CD burner doesn't work. Anyone see the problem yet? G'head, shout it out if you think you know the answer. Yep, it's very hard to back up all of your data without a CD BURNER!!

So here is where my Christmas present from Paul and the kids come in handy. Here is also where my brother-in-law comes to my rescue yet again. I got a flash drive for Christmas and Bub has a laptop. We are going to spend the evening moving pictures and data from my flash to his laptop and then burning it all. I'm making him dinner. Dinner started out as a thank you for taking Sam to basketball practice for me on Sunday, so it looks like I'm still going to owe him. I'll let Tater and Paul eat, too. It would be really hard for them to just sit and watch us eat dinner like that.

And all of this in the middle of mid-terms which THANKFULLY I finished up Monday night.

Is it summer yet?


Sam said...

I am so glad that Chicken doesn't have my asthma issues. And yes, the weather makes for a bad time breathing. I feel for you.

Anonymous said...

That was YOU in that chatroom? Small world, huh.

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