Friday, March 04, 2011

Because I'm Still a Grammaric

I saw on Facebook, courtesy of Melanie, that today is National Grammar Day!What with me being a Grammar Nazi and all, this day is worthy of my celebration. I'm by no means perfect in all things grammar, but I do try. I try hard. Texting has created an entire generation of grammar sloths (as well as spelling nincompoops, but I shan't digress on that right now - I'll wait until International English Spelling Day on October 9th) and it is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.

Since I have a barfing nine-year-old on my couch right now I don't have time for a lengthy tirade of all the things that bother me when I read blogs, status updates, tweets and text messages, so instead I'll just quote from a post I wrote two years ago on National Grammar Day. Also, you should know that when I wrote this I had no idea it was National Grammar Day. Yeah, that's just how awesome I am.

A person who is addicted to alcohol is an alcoholic. Correct?

If someone declares themselves to be addicted to chocolate they call themselves a "chocoholic", right? Or if they say they are addicted to shopping they say they are a "shopaholic", right?


The "ohol"in alcoholic is from the word ALCOHOL. According to Wiktionary the suffix "ic" is "used to form adjectives from nouns with the meaning 'of or pertaining to'". If someone wanted to declare themselves addicted to chocolate they would be a chocolatic. Or perhaps a chocolic. A person who likes to shop is a shoppic.

Make note of it.

That being re-posted and off my chest yet again, I bid you a Happy National Grammar Day.

Now...where's my Lysol?


Dawn said...

Gosh, I learned something new today. Thanks for that. =)

Creative Char said...

I couldn't see any way to send you an email or to send you a link to my blog. So I'm gonna try and do it here in this comment area. You are my inspiration for blogging. I love your blog! My blog was originally about my travels but as with my life, funny things seem to happy to me. I think you might enjoy my current blog post, "Two Embarrassing Moments in One Day".
Love traveling life's highway, literally and introspectively.

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