Saturday, October 30, 2010

Clowns and Gypsies and Country Stars - Oh my!

I spent one evening last week at Mom's looking through old pictures, hoping beyond all hopes I could find the ones of when I dressed up like Dolly Parton. I ended up finding many, many more and thought I'd share. (If you scroll straight to the bottom you are totally going to miss the cuteness, so you might as well take your time.)

First shot of adorrrrrrrrable!!!!
This is 1974, my 2nd Halloween. (I have no idea what my costume was my first one - there were no pictures of it.) Mom made this costume because she has seriously mad sewing skills. The man in the picture is my Poppie. He died when I was three. I have few memories of him and this is the only picture I or Mom have of the two of us together. I like to think I got my love of tattoos from him. Notice his Navy ink. :)


My father, Momma and me. I'm preeeeety sure this is where the redneck began,
I just suppressed it until I got married.

This was probably 1976 or so.
 I was a gypsy. All I remember about this costume was that my
Aunt Shirlye let me borrow her GIGANTIC hoop earrings and I was in awe of them.

 I'm going to guess 1977.....

I never took dance.

Sis was a mummy. I think if you embiggen the picture you can see the spiders attached to her. They were made out of walnut halves and pipe cleaners. Oh and of course, googly eyes.
We were two delicate little flowers, my sister and me.


Sis was WAY into Smurfs. Her bedroom, her clothing, her school bag....
and she couldn't even be a regular witch, she had to be Smurfette Witch. You can see
I put a lot into my costume. I was ya know, getting all cool and stuff.
The dog was in a lot of Halloween pictures, too.


This was my work costume and also what I wore to Paul's work party. I really stuck out like a sore thumb next to slutty nurse, slutty cowgirl, slutty witch, slutty cheerleader and Flava Flav.


....uhm......driving a 1986 Chevy Cavalier? Say wha?

Oh wait. It's just me. With bath towels stuffed in my shirt and wearing enough blush to scare a clown.

What, you don't think I'm serious about the blush?


Tell me there's no resemblance to me and the lead singer of Twisted Sister.

That's what I thought.



Jill of All Trades said...

Cute! Happy Halloween!!!!!

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I had fun sharing your photo memories with you!

Life & Faith in Caneyhead

kellisor said...

Hilarious and adorable! Thanks for sharing 'em.

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