Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday MckLinky: What Are Your Strange Remedies?

When Mrs. Sinclair announced she was using this for a topic I got all kinds of giddy. I love, love hearing other people's home remedies and unusual methods for doing something, more than likely because their momma did it that way and their momma's momma did it that way.

So it got me to thinkin'.....what are some of the things my mom, Nana, Memaw, Granny and other wise sages in my life have taught me...... Hmmm....


When I was a kid I can remember my mom running a diaper pin through her hair before she'd pin a diaper. I thought it was absolutely crazy - until that day I needed to pin a diaper and it wouldn't go easily through the material. I kind of looked around to see if anyone was looking (like, who was going to be spying on me in my living room) and then ran that dang pin through my hair a few times. Voila! Easy peasy.

Of course, no one uses diapers with pins anymore. Even if they use cloth diapers they have those fancy schmancy diaper covers now. Whippersnappers.


My Granny Glenn was a firm believer in the merits and values and absolute healing properties of tea tree oil. If you had a headache you got a fingertip dabbed in tea tree oil dotted in the middle of your forehead. Mosquito bites, rashes, dandruff, athlete's foot, any affliction or ailment also warranted a good dousing in the ol' TTO, as Rachael Ray would call it if she were all into plant oils for something other than cooking.

I always have a bottle of it in my cabinet.

Put a few drops in your shampoo and it will keep the lice away. Seriously. I learned that when I worked at DHS. *shudder* (Anyone else's head itching now?)


Everyone knows about putting a past of baking soda on bee stings, but I think it's an Oklahoma thing to put chewing tobacco on them. Wintergreen Skoal works best. The first time I got stung - and I remember it as vividly as if it were yesterday - I screamed, threw myself on the ground and sat on my hand to keep my dad from putting chew on it. I really don't know why. Sitting on it hurt, the Skoal would've felt better. Also, the spanking I got wouldn't have been necessary either.


Papa always blew cigarette smoke in your ear if you had an earache. I'm thinking that 4 out of 5 pediatricians would scream, "OH MY GOSH DON'T DO THAT!" but hey, it worked when I was a kid.


Memaw always said if you stepped on a nail to soak your foot in kerosene. Better hope you don't have an earache while you're soaking that foot...


And finally.....I saved the best for last......

My mother-in-law swears by coffee enemas. Not for constipation, but just for general health. She says they will just make you feel better from head to toe.

Uhm....I can think of one place that would not feel better if I did a coffee enema....


So, because Mrs. Sinclair asked now I want to know, too -- what are your strange home remedies?

Answer in a post on your own blog, then post it in the MckLinky on The Real Housewives of Oklahoma and let us all partake of the wisdom you behold. I mean, I shared with you about a cuppa joe up your old kaboozie, surely you can think of something.

1. Answer the question on your blog (or in the comments sections if you don't have a blog).

2. If you answer the question on your blog, add your name to MckLinky so that we all can discover the brilliance that is your mind.

3. Grab our button from the sidebar and post it either in your reply post or on your blog.

4. Enjoy and have some fun!



Beth Zimmerman said...

Ahem ... well ... so far you win the prize for the most, and the most varied, remedies! I think soaking your foot in kerosene sounds a bit more dangerous than any of the rest but what do I know. Reading through these reminds of a few that my mother-in-law believed like slathering butter on a burn or wrapping a puncture wound in bacon. Both sound a bit questionable to me but all 4 of her kids survived their childhoods!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Yeah -reminded me of some I've heard before. Didn't know about all those uses for TTO but, I have heard it's good to use on oily skin and hair. And I've heard about the baking soda paste-maybe it is an OK thing ;) Oh and yeah my gma has mentioned about enemaS before -But, no thanks for me either.

The 4-Crows Blog said...

Oh Oh Oh, you made me think of a few more.....I liked that we had a few alike!!! BTW can you get to my blog, if not that is a real blasted shame that we have not picked up on that! Let me know!

Stacie said...

My grandma Stovall didn't make a habit of telling her home remedies to very many people. She took so much wisdom to the grave. She was the full blood indian. The only one I know is for diarrhea. Take fresh black berries, put them in a cheese cloth, and squeeze all the juice out of them. Drink the juice, but no pulp or seeds. It really works. I've used this remedy several times when I was married. I guess Mike was full of, well, you get the picture.

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

You are the 2nd one to use that smoke one! Never heard of such a thing! This was a fun one ;-)

Jill of All Trades said...

This was kind of fun. I had the cigarette smoke thing but the Skoal, icky...

Territory Mom said...

OMG!! I done all of these, so funny!! We must have been separated at birth.

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