Friday, August 01, 2008

Tired, excited and perpertually red in the neck

Yesterday I met Cousin Courtney at her classroom so she could scare the bejeebies outta me show me around, familiarize me with her lessons plans (which are absolutely amazing, by the way) and give me a crash course in being a Kindergarten teacher. I felt completely overwhelmed at first, but the more we went over things the more relaxed I got. I realized that uhm, they are five year olds and Kindergarten is not an exact science. Therefore, I am going to have fun, follow the lesson plans to the best of my ability and pray daily that I don't get headlice.


A few years ago, out of the blue, I was contacted by a producer from ABC's Wife Swap, asking if we'd be interested in applying for the show. Of course, we were interested because uhm....well, duh, it's TV and well, yeah, it's TV.

My mom was ultimately relieved, yet somewhat skeptical that we were found to be not trashy enough nor normal enough for the show. You can't be middle-of-the-road for that show.

Wednesday I got an email from a different network, again informing us of casting for a show. I ran it past family members and got the go-ahead (it will involve not just my immediate rednecks, but the entire clan of us) so the email has been replied to, pictures have been sent and now we wait.

Who'da thunk that being a redneck would spawn so many TV opportunities?


Last night I was one of THOSE parents and took my kids to Wal*Mart around 9:30. We left after 11. Best trip to Wal*Mart in a long time - because they were exhausted and didn't have it in them to fuss with each other. They were too tired to even whine, bless their hearts.

Ab has had her heart set on some strapless glittery black heels for awhile now. She almost got them a few weeks ago, but was mean and nasty to her brother before we left the store and her daddy made her put them back. She's done some semi-babysitting for me this week, so I gave her $15 and she made a beeline for those shoes. Thankfully I made her walk down the aisle and back for me! As my Papa used to say, she walked like a frozen-toed chicken. Bless her heart. I don't think heels are in her near future, no matter how much she wants them to be.


Tomorrow is the day. MOM'S GETAWAY WEEKEND WITH LORI!!!!!!!!! This being my 999th post, guess what that means?? It's means PODCAST FOR THE 1000TH POST!

You are so welcome.

We'll record it some time tomorrow night or early Saturday and get it posted as soon as I get it converted and ready to go. Keep checking back! Since this is the 999th post, there will be no more posts until the podcast is ready. Be strong, little ones. I shan't be gone long.

Shawnee, OK, get ready. Invasion of the stay-at-home blogger mommies is about to commence. Okay, well, invasion by two of us, anyway.

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Going Like Sixty said...

Just to keep you up to speed on the important worldly things... Wal-mart is getting a new logo. It will be Walmart*
cereally, you can do the google on it.
It's much more upscale, you may have to change to Big Lots to keep your image where the TV offers keep rolling in.

TV OFFERS ahahahaha, I can not wait!

Way to go Kristen and Gang!

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